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Class Descriptions

Fit2Tease Floorwork

A burlesque style floorwork class which strengthens and tones the body with particular emphasis on the tummy muscles.  The burlesque style brings a cheeky, fun sense of humour which puts you in touch with your sexy side…….oooooohh!

(Suitable for all abilities & ages)



The original fat burner!  This class is perfect if you want to lose some excess weight or you need to get fitter.  Take it at your own pace.

(Suitable for all abilities & ages)


Legs, Bums & Tums

A popular, full body conditioning class designed to tone, lift and strengthen with particular attention paid to the tummy, bottom, legs and arms.

(Suitable for all abilities & ages)


Trim n Tone 

A mixture of Aerobics and Legs, Bums & Tums, designed to tone up the body, burn fat and create a stronger, fitter body.  Expect to have fun whilst feeling 'the burn'.

(Suitable for all abilities and ages)

Fitness Pilates 

A core strengthening class which lengthens and tones the muscles.  Great for improving posture and strengthening the tummy and back.

(Suitable for all abilities & ages)


John Travolta eat your heart out!  This class will get you burning fat, having fun and testing your coordination as you run through a series of dance routines designed to improve your fitness.

Class Descriptions