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Summer 2007



Even if the weather isn’t up to much just now and we’re not sure if we believe them, the Met office tell us it is still summer...  A large number of you are away for your summer holidays (lucky things!) and a lot of you are staying at home enjoying all that Edinburgh has to offer.  In order to account for our reduced class numbers there are a number of changes to the class timetable.


Please note the following changes;


Tuesdays @ St Michaels (Street Dance, Time2Tone, Fit2Tease & Relax & Unwind) are cancelled from 17th July to 14th August inclusive.  Classes return as normal on Tuesday 21st August.


Wednesdays @Fairmilehead.  The Fit2Tease class has been cancelled and will not be restarting.   No tears please!   There will be a NEW Fitness Pilates course taking its place from 22nd August to 10th October (not 5th September). The class will be starting at 8.30pm and will run for approximately 1hour.  The cost for the course is £35 per person, payable upfront.  Get in touch with me now to reserve your place.



You are all granted a bit of a reprieve over the summer holidays but I want to see you all back in at least one class per week come the new term. 


I’m sure you all know that in order to see results from exercise you need to be exercising regularly.  So to help you make that commitment to a healthy lifestyle, taking on board many of your comments that you feel that if you have already paid for a class then you will make more of an effort to get to class, our pricing structure will change as from the 1st August.


All drop-in classes will remain drop-in classes but the drop-in price will increase by £1.50 per person.  The prices will remain the same if you buy a season pass.  The season pass will be for 5 classes and will cost £20 for all drop-in classes except the Fitness Pilates which is £25. 



I’m not forgetting that we all have busy lives though, that the kids might not be well, that our cars might break down, that our bosses might need us to work later and that we can’t always make every week, so the pass will be valid not for just the 5 weeks but for 2 months from the date of purchase.  This will hopefully give you the incentive to come weekly as you have already paid for the class but gives you a bit of breathing space if you’re not able to come for whatever reason one week.


If your thinking the drop-in price rises are a bit steep, you might like to know that the standard Edinburgh Leisure (council facility) class cost is £5.50 and that the private gyms are charging up to £10 per class for pilates!


Please note that Courses, pole parties, & massage are not included in this pricing change.






Some of you will know that after my years training, I am now a fully qualified and insured VTCT Swedish Massage Therapist!!


I can now come to your home to carry out bespoke massage therapies.  The treatments last approximately 1 hour and can be tailored to your requirements.  Gift vouchers are available if you would like to give this as a gift to your friend or loved one.  Treatment costs begin at £40.


Areas covered include Edinburgh & Lothians and Central Region.  Contact me to book an appointment.








FROM 22/08 – 10/10 (NOT 5/9)

8.30PM – 9.30PM



Fitness Pilates - What is it?
You have probably heard pilates mentioned in the newspapers, magazines and on television, but what is it?

Its a system of exercise devised quite a few years ago by a man called Joseph Pilates (hence the name) and the fitness pilates version has been taken into a group exercise (class) setting and made more accessible and more fitness based, rather than a diagnostic tool for back problems etc.

The exercise aims to strengthen the body (particularly the 'core' muscles, those around your tummy and back) and improve balance and posture, whilst improving ability to function optimally on an everyday basis for both work and pleasure. Fitness Pilates is not a substitute for physiotherapy or for one-on-one diagnostic pilates sessions but is a fitness class which if you are fit and healthy (and most of you are!) should tone and strengthen you up, particularly around the middle.


This course is suitable for beginners of all levels as you will be taught the basics from scratch.


Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in.  No need for trainers in this class but you might want to wear socks for comfort.

You can bring your own mat if you would prefer but mats are provided.

This class is not suitable for pre/post natal or those with acute or chronic back pain. 


How to find the venue;

Just past Buckstone on the road out of town towards the bypass, at the traffic lights (RBS branch on right), turn left.  Parking available in small car park or on unrestricted residential streets.


Muscle Cramps


I have had quite a few of you ask me about muscle cramps and what causes them and the general consensus at the moment is that the exact cause is unknown but is thought to be related to poor flexibility, muscle fatigue or doing a new activity.  Other factors which are thought to affect cramp are dehydration, extreme heat and electrolyte depletion. 


To treat cramp, stop the activity that you are doing, gently stretch and massage the cramping muscle and hold the joint in the stretch until the muscle spasm has finished.


If you find that you get cramp in your toes quite frequently, let me know in class and I can give you alternatives to some of the exercises that we do where we point our toes!







Bookings are being taken for the next term of fitness pilates at Gorgie Dalry.  Contact me to reserve your space.  If you haven’t managed to come to term 1 but would like to enrol for term 2, you will need to do a catch up session – contact me for details.






I thought it might be nice to take advantage of the festival and combine it with a summer get together with those of you who are interested.


I have searched through the programmes…. And found ‘tease with a twist’ which is a burlesque show described as “The epitome of the art form, burlesque. Dancing, singing, comedy and good old fashioned striptease. Let Mysti Vine, Lady Beau Peep and Crimson Skye take you on a thrilling journey of the erotic and truly bizarre!”.  I have not seen it and hope that it is good fun, however there is a warning of partial nudity and adult themes, and there is an over 18’s restriction on the show.


The show is on at the EICC, starting at 22.30 and lasting approximately 1.5hours.  The tickets cost £10 (£9).


If you would like to come along, please give me your name and £10/9 by Friday 10th August (hopefully we will miss any sell outs by then). 


You can bring friends along as well if you like.  We will meet at a nearby bar beforehand so that I can give out tickets.








Christmas 2006



Merry Christmas Everybody,

Welcome to our first ever newsletter!




Christmas Holiday Dates:

Our last class of 2006 is Legs, Bums and Tums at 6.45pm Thursday 21st December.

Our first class of 2007 is Fit2Tease Floorwork at 6.45pm on Wednesday 10th January 2007.  


New Classes starting in January


Fitness Pilates

Conditions the deep core muscles of the body, concentrating on the abdominals and back.  This class will improve your posture and strengthen your body.


Street Dance

This energetic and fun class will get you moving to the music in a sassy street style.


Movement and Mobility

A seated class that mobilises joints and gets the blood flowing.  Some resistance is used to improve muscle tone.  The emphasis is gentle and designed for elderly or infirm.


Relax and Unwind

This class allows you some valuable time to yourself to gently stretch your muscles and release tension.



Can you believe that on average we consume a MASSIVE 6,000 calories on Christmas Day? Ouch!

Here are a few tips to help you get through the Festive season (and try to avoid the bloated blues in January)

·         Try to exercise little and often – whether its out dancing or running after the kids.  Theres nothing nicer than a stroll out and about on a fresh crisp morning to handle that hangover.

·         Keep an eye on the high fat foods laid out for ‘nibbles’

·         Eat your food slowly and enjoy it.

·         Stop eating when you feel full.

And for information [this is where it gets nasty! J], have you ever wondered how many calories are in what your drinking?



Calorie content

1 Pint/568ml Lager


1 Pint/568ml Beer, Bitter


1 Pint/568ml Cider, Sweet


1 Shot/25ml Spirits, 37.5% Volume


1 Shot/25ml Spirits, 40% Volume


1 Bottle/275ml Alcopops (Calculated Estimate)


1 Glass/120ml Wine, Red


1 Glass/120ml Wine, White


1 Glass/50ml Sherry, Sweet


1 Glass/50ml Sherry, Dry






Press Release - 6 November 2006


Can you believe its only 7 weeks till Christmas?!?!


That means its probably only about 5 or 6 weeks till you have to bare yourself in that little black dress again.


Was that a small grimace on your face whilst you were thinking about the latest slimming tights/corsets advertised on the telly?  Come on, your not stupid, you know the faddy diets will probably only work for about 4 weeks until you have a bottle of wine to yourself at the Christmas party!


Don’t have this pattern repeated next year and the next and the next….  Its boring.  Life is about having fun and enjoying yourself.


Don’t you always want to feel good in your clothes, all year round (and particularly in your bikini, shorts, little black dress and birthday suit)


Make an active choice - Start NOW as you mean to go on – new exercise classes are available from 22 November 2006 in your area, in local venues at affordable prices.  Stop making excuses and start enjoying yourself again.



Beverley Ferguson Fitness - 6 November 2006



07903 337 337

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