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Beverley is a fully qualified and insured massage therapist with certification by the International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies. 

Beverley has also  achieved Integrated Myofascial Release certification, and is currently working towards certification in Sports Massage.

Beauty Therapies available are Facials and Waxing.

To book an appointment please speak to Beverley at class, or email/call to book your appointment.  Beverley works with new clients on a word of mouth or referral basis only.

If you would like to have a pamper party, please get in touch directly with Beverley to discuss your requirements.  We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and will tailormake a package to suit you! 

Generally for pamper parties you will require either 1 very large room where you and all your guests are able to sit in the same room as the therapist and all her equipment (for example sitting room with dining area - therapist would set up in dining area whilst guests are in sitting room), or you will require a second room where your guests will leave the main body of the party to receive their treatment. 

Having everyone in the one room means that the party atmosphere is not disturbed and that the person receiving the treatment can listen in to conversations but also means that the treatment will not be as relaxing as it would otherwise be and only certain treatments can be carried out. 

The costs vary but as a general rule of thumb, will be approximately £40 per hour.  What that breaks down to per person will depend on the treatments chosen and the time taken for each treatment.

Your therapist will normally do a maximum of 5 hours worth of treatments, e.g. 7pm - midnight.

If you are having a larger party such as a charity event, we can organise a team of therapists.  Let us know your pamper party wish list and we'll see if we can make it work!!

History of Massage  

Holding or rubbing a part of the body that is causing discomfort is instinctive!  The first recorded massage techniques were from China around approximately 3000 BC.  Ancient Hindu books record the use of ‘ayurvedic’ massage around 1800 BC.


The ancient Greeks believed that massage was one of the best ways to ease and relieve pain .  From around 1000 BC even the most influencial figures of Ancient Greece such as Homer, Hippocrates and Galen all recorded use of massage.  The Romans adopted massage, even massaging their gladiators prior to battle to ensure that their muscles were warm and supple.


Modern massage techniques were pioneered by a Swedish physiologist called Per Henrik Ling, who combined his knowledge of physiology, gymnastics and existing massage techniques, to create what we know today as Swedish Massage.


Benefits of Massage

Massage can benefit almost anyone, physically and emotionally!

The physical benefits include; increased circulation, relaxation, improved mobility, eased muscular pain, improved skin condition, and increased metabolism and waste removal. 


Massage provides emotional benefits such as a calmer and more relaxed mind, encouraged sleep, and improved sleep quality, it improves self esteem and provides a general and overall sense of wellbeing.


Massage is suitable for most adults in good health.  Your therapist will carry out a consultation prior to the massage to ensure that you are a good candidate for massage at that time.