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All fitness instructors are required to have emergency contact information for you and should know about any pertinent medical problems/conditions that you have. 

You only need to complete this form once, and let us know if you have any medical changes or contact detail changes.

If you can, please print out the following form, complete it and bring it along with you to the first class you attend.  If you have problems downloading the form, email us and we'll send one to you.  This saves a bit of time but if you forget or can't fill it out before you come don't worry, we have plenty copies with us - please just come a little bit earlier to give yourself enough time to fill out the form before your class :)

Health and Contact Details Form


What should I wear?....

Many people worry that they don't have the right equipment or clothes to do an exercise class.  There is no need to at our classes - we don't require any lycra, headbands, or leotards! 

Clothes    Please wear comfortable leisure or sports clothes that you are able to move in, such as tracksuits, leggings, shorts, tshirts, vest tops.  It is important however to wear appropriate footwear, particularly for the aerobics classes. 

Shoes    Appropriate footwear doesn't equate to the latest nike £120 pairs, it is however clean trainers that offer your feet correct support.  Wearing fashion or hard soled shoes for example could lead to higher chance of injury (which noone likes!) Our advice would be, if you don't already have a pair of decent trainers, to get yourself to the sales and invest in a pair.  Shops like John Lewis have trained staff that can advise you on a pair to suit your foot. If you are faced with an sales assistant who can't advise you, a good all round shoe is called a 'cross trainer'.

Underwear    The ladies in the class (particularly those with more substantial assets!) might find that a good sports bra is an absolute godsend.  If you are good on the internet (and your looking at this so you probably are) try  www.lessbounce.com  or search for brands such as enell, shockabsorber, bravissimo, royce, goddess, or you could try local shops such as Debenhams or John Lewis's.  Specialist dance and exercise shops such as Dancewear (Rose Street) also stock sports bras but not in particularly big sizes.  Good luck finding one that suits.


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